With regard to the safety and protection of our guests and employees, we have implemented a number of procedures that we hope will provide you a sense of security and comfort during your stay at Stradonia Serviced Apartments.



What actions do we take?

  1. Sanitizers are available in all public areas throughout the property.
  2. Instructions on how to disinfect hands, remove masks and gloves are displayed in the toilets available for guests.
  3. Touch surfaces in public areas – door handles, handrails, handles, countertops, tables, desks, elevators, light switches are disinfected every hour.
  4. The reception is disinfected after each guest. The receptionist and guest are additionally protected by a plexiglass anti-virus shield.
  5. After each stay, we double clean the room and disinfect all touch surfaces (including chair backs), equipment (e.g. remote controls) and bathroom, as well as a thoroughly ventilate the room.
  6. We disinfect all the apartments after the departure with ultraviolet germicidal lamps with ozone (UVC). 
  7. Each apartment is equipped with a special air scrubber with UV-C lamp, HEPA13 filter and ionization – ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It stops almost all mechanical impurities, fungal cells, protozoa, bacteria and most viruses. It guarantees fresh and healthy air.
  8. Cleaning staff adhere to the use of masks and gloves.
  9. Both the Reception room and the lounge are subject to regular ventilation in addition to air conditioning.
  10. We care for precise dosing of professional cleaning detergents.
  11. Cleaning during the stay takes place only on request – please inform us about your preferences by phone from the apartment or at the reception.
  12. Our bedding and towels are washed at a minimum temperature of 60º C with the addition of detergent and delivered in a sanitary regime. Statement of our laundry company
  13. We have received a Certificate of Good Practice issued by the Polish Tourist Organization, which monitors the facilities in terms of service quality, safety and the Tourist Voucher service.
  14. All employees are healthy and follow the rules of sanitary safety.






What are we asking for?

  1. The required physical distance in the Reception area is 1.5m. We have provided a markup to facilitate the proper setting in contact with the receptionists. The maximum number of people in a room except for Stradonia employee is 1 person.
  2. Lounge – maximum 2 people can use the room (excluding a family), please keep to the required safety distances (2m).
  3. When coughing or sneezing, we ask Guests and Employees to cover their mouths and nose with a bent elbow or handkerchief, then throw the handkerchief into a closed basket as soon as possible and wash your hands.
  4. In accordance with medical guidelines, we also ask you not to touch your face with your hands, especially the lips, nose and eyes.
  5. It is completely forbidden for non-registered guests to stay on the premises of Stradonia Serviced Apartments.
  6. Please note that in the apartment bathrooms it is forbidden to use hotel blow dryers.


Additional information

  • A total of 46 people can stay at Stradonia complex.
  • Our conference room can accommodate up to 3 people, maintaining a distance of  2m between people.
  • Stradonia has 8 parking spaces available to our guests at a price of 55 PLN / day (200m from the building).
  • The apartments are accessed via a spacious, open courtyard. There is no need to go through potentially frequented common areas.
  • Both the staircase and the elevator lead to the apartment, which is disinfected every hour. Spacious corridors ensure social distancing.




It is possible to order a contactless breakfast by phone or email, we will deliver the chosen set directly at the door.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic our provider has limited temporarily the array of choice of the breakfast sets (to 4 options). We are sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to come back to the full menu soon.

Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, where you can easily prepare meals at any time of the day.


Can I do a COVID-19 test at Stradonia?

Yes, you can. We offer few options:

  • rapid chromatographic immunoassay test for the qualitative detection of specific SARS-CoV-2 antigens. Roche Rapid Antigen Test Nasal offers a less invasive and faster testing procedure. Test result can be read after 15 to 30 minutes. It costs 10 euro.

Please mind that we don’t give official certificates on the test results. It is for your internal use only.

  • home visit of a professional company that will undertake the test.
    – Fast test AntyGen – 150 zł., you can travel within 48 hours after the test results, official certificate in English.
    – PCR test – 450 zł., the result is on the same day (if the test was done before 3.30 P.M.), official certificate in English.

Please contact the Reception for more details.

Important contact numbers:





  • alarm: 667 881 188
  • informative: 12 254 94 16, 12 254 95 00
  • working days 8.00–20.00: 12 254 94 34, 12 254 94 37



  • University Hospital – Infectious Diseases Department: 12 400 20 00
  • Specialist Hospital S. Żeromski – Observation and Infectious Department: 12 622 93 53



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